Calgary Pub Darts Association

Important Information

The Calgary Pub Darts Association

PO Box 85303  Albert Park
Calgary, AB, T2A 7R7

The Calgary Pub Darts Association is a not for profit organization. Our mandate is to promote darts on all levels, for all interested parties.

****SINGLES DIVISIONAL FINALS March 9, 2020. DOUBLES FINALS March 30, 2020. Good luck everyone!****

Please send Player changes  to

please note:  Rules of play are updated to reflect changes made at AGM and captains meetings.

Divisional Singles Finals (March 9, 2020) Posted under
Singles Information

Divisional Doubles Finals (March 30, 2020) Posted under
Doubles Information

Winners please submit photos of scoresheet.

In regular play, please scan or take a picture of your scoresheet and email results to: