Calgary Pub Darts Association

Important Information

The Calgary Pub Darts Association

PO Box 85303  Albert Park
Calgary, AB, T2A 7R7

The Calgary Pub Darts Association is a not for profit organization. Our mandate is to promote darts on all levels, for all interested parties.
First day of League Play September 18, 2023 

*** Division singles draw was emailed to the captain's If you do not have the singles info email Gary Freed ***

Division Singles  first round - NOV.  27th 2023

Everyone please confirm your info (Name Phone Email), provide new info and any additional info for other team members that you want to receive CPDA info to email:

Please send Singles  entries to "

Please send Doubles results to "
Please send Player changes  to " 
please note:  Rules of play are updated to reflect changes made at AGM and captains meetings.

Please scan or take a picture of your scoresheet and email results to: