Calgary Pub Darts Association

Important Information

The Calgary Pub Darts Association

PO Box 85303  Albert Park
Calgary, AB, T2A 7R7

The Calgary Pub Darts Association is a not for profit organization. Our mandate is to promote darts on all levels, for all interested parties.

***Inter Divisional Singles Finals March 28, 2016 - see Inter Div Singles Information tab for sheets and rules. ***

Div 1 Team 1: Now playing out of #286 Legion
Div 4 Team 4: Now playing out of #286 Legion
Please remember to  vote for the Most Sportsmanlike Player on the your score sheet!

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  From rules of play 2012
Players, who score 180's and high finishes of 101 or greater, shall have their names recorded on the score sheet and both captains shall initial the entry. Failure to record these will result in the loss of the score and any requests to register these scores at a later date will be denied. The captains are responsible for sending of their score sheet to the Head Statistician. Missing score sheets at the deadline dates will result in the loss of section points, match points, 180's and high finishes in delinquency. I.e. Team 2 won the match 13 - 8 with 2 match points. The score sheet was not received in the allowable time resulting in a loss of the 2 match points and 13 section points. If team 2, sent in their score sheet on time and the losing team did not, that team would lose 8 points and 0 match points. The deadline date is the Wednesday following the Monday night of play. (I.e. September 19th play - deadline for receipt of score sheet is September 21.) Captains must send their score sheet to the Head Statistician within the allotted time, regardless of whether you win or lose. NOTE: All scores are final except for teams with missing score sheets these scores will be finalized upon receipt of score sheet confirmation only.
Please scan or take a picture of your scoresheet and email results to:

2015-2016 Executive Board members:

                                                                  President: Alex Foulds
                                                                 First Vice: Margaret Heinermann
                                                            Second Vice: Chantel Besse
                                                                 Secretary: Vacant
                                                                Treasurer: Natalie Kalika
                                                     Head Statistician: Nadine Spencer

                                                   Stats Coordinator: Ken Nichol
                                           Entertainment Director: Judi Brown

                                                             Webmaster: Willi Heinermann